The proper provision of service and aftercare is essential for the optimal deployment of your installed base. The visualization system in the control room is a dashboard that is indispensable. Visualization systems bring the necessary situational awareness into view. Operators can then get involved.

Mauell offers different levels of service, namely:

  • RMA: sending and repairing a defective device
  • Corrective maintenance, diagnosis on-site or remote and troubleshooting
  • Preventive maintenance, periodic checking of system and system parts to avoid disturbances as much as possible
  • Service Level Agreement Contract: A continuity guarantee of your system with guaranteed availability and repair lead-in pre-agreed. We also offer a 24/7 helpdesk and we will put spare parts in stock for you.

In Addition To the above-mentioned service, we offer aftercare in the field of user efficiency and technical support of the operator or of your system administrator. We help when new users need to be notified, training is required, but also if you need to do specific settings that your administrator does not perform so often or has little experience with. We also consider it important to keep you informed of new developments and software versions.

Configuration Management Database System

Our Configuration Management Database System is an indispensable tool for our service and aftercare. We work with the system TopDesk in which we perform all project deliveries. This includes specifications of systems and system parts such as serial number, brand, type and supplier. All steps within the process are saved: Who did the assembly, what software was installed, when did the extradition take place? Failures and repairs are also logged.