Our specialism is turn key realization of video wall and video wall management systems. 

Our working area is Europe and Middle East.

End users are reputable organizations. They bear a great responsibility in most diverse fields: from chemistry, petrochemistry, security and government to energy or infrastructure.

Control Room Netherlands-Waste Energy Plant

The nature of the projects varies from supplying Xomnium video wall management system up to and including the complete turnkey realization of a project.

We prefer to get involved during the definition phase, so all our experience can be of interest. In this way, we come to an optimal result. Early involvement means thinking in advance and discuss about:

  • Viewing distance, wall size and simultaneous windows
  • Viewing angle vs operator working places
  • Lifespan
  • Expansion options
  • Source computers, number and types of interface, operating systems, resolution and refresh rates
  • Visualization only or including remote control
  • Bandwidth IP network
  • etc.

Our disciplines

  • Consultancy

  • Engineering

  • Project management

  • Service

Control Room Netherlands- 
Two by six at Waste energy plant

From our extensive experience, we as a consultant can make a valuable contribution to the identification of your project and the determination of the technical scope. We have market knowledge. Moreover, we know which systems can be integrated well. In addition, we can draw up good comparisons, including budgeting of the technical scope.

During the engineering phase, the functional design is converted into a technical design. Every detail is taken into consideration. The document to be delivered is the Technical Design Specification (TDS). This is first of all an exact technical definition of the work. It is also a comprehensive project implementation document.

Proper preparation requires proper guidance in project management. Our project management methodic Prince 2 contributes to a successful project realization and limitation of risks.

Service and support is an essential part of maintenance. Our systems are being used for operational critical applications. To ensure the highest possible up-time and short possible down-time including time-to-repair, we make clear agreements with our clients about the service level.

Project references

Below an overview of a number of projects where Mauell BV participated from start.

Control Room Oman

Together with one of our partners we have realized the video technology in the main control room of Orpic. In the large control room, several video walls are built with NEC displays of 55 inch in LCD technology. Xomnium wall management is being used creating flexible remote based management from all operator’s desk.

The displayed images are, depending on the position of the wall, overview images from the operating system. In addition, they are used for promotional purposes. Also connecting a laptop via a docking station is possible. The control room is extremely impressive.

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Video Wall Furuno

Our client Furuno is one of the largest manufacturers of maritime instrumentation in the world.

Together with our client, a totally new and innovative concept has been devised. As an alternative to at least 22 different screens on the bridge of a fishing boat (vessel), we provide a video wall solution. Depending on the size of the bridge the Xomnium system is managing 4, 5 or 6 monitors of 55 inch LCD. These are set up in portrait mode.

With the help of a touch panel, the vessel manager switches quickly and effectively to different modes, presenting exactly those images that apply to the relevant mode.

With the help of a touch panel, the vessel manager switches quickly and effectively to different modes, presenting exactly those images that apply to the relevant mode. All this in real time and without latency. In addition to the arrangement on the bridge, there is distribution to several screens, such as on the stern and the captain’s cabin. Innovation in fishing thanks to collaboration.

Control Room Waste Incineration

One of our customers is a large Dutch waste processor and waste incinerator. The central control room has been designed and built entirely by Mauell. From this room a centrally placed video wall, consisting of Mitsubishi DLP rear projection cubes, visualizes all required status information for the operators.

The video wall displays several cameras from analog types, the IP cameras and the Siemens PCS7 control system. The Wall is managed with Xomnium software. The input comes from many different sources, which are distributed throughout the plant. This is done both via streaming and via discrete inputs.

Operators see the status of their installation at a glance.