Xomnium is a full IP based network eco system managing H.264 streaming content for distribution and visualization of data and video in almost real time. The state of the art software enables operators to manage multiple video walls.

The software is hardware independent and Microsoft Windows based.

Real-time video wall management system

  • Based on a multicast IP network
  • High resilience
  • No single point of failure
  • Extreme low latency
  • Advanced user rights control
  • Developed for command and control center

More efficiency of your data sources

Xomnium is designed from the core to improve your operational activities in the control room. The system is secure and displays real-time PC applications and video. In addition, it distributes data with extremely low latency to multiple devices. This allows operators to communicate with different data sources. The goal is improved multi-tasking and collaboration.

The system is extremely effective configurable and consisting of just a few main components. Licensing is made most easily due to the package program including long term support.


Xomnium Display

Xdisplay manages each display and together they arrange the wall layout. Each unit decodes and visualize content for his own display. How bigger the wall how more power. Floating master mechanism to avoid any single point of failure.


Xomnium Control

Xcontrol is the wall management tool for each working place. Registered applications can be displayed with drag and drop on multiple walls.  Create simple layout, store and recall them. Extended user rights are present.


Xomnium Stream

Xstream is our unique capture tool able to stream multiple applications from the same Windows source PC to the video wall in almost real time. Even applications on the background and if not started they will be launched remotely.


Xomnium Connect

Additional devices such as IP cameras and data inputs from encoders are connected directly to the system from the network.


Xomnium View

Field staff can view image information with a mobile device. The data is encrypted.


Xomnium Share

Allows operators and field staff to chat encrypted and to share data or images. All data will be encrypted and shared in almost real time.

Designed for trusted performance

Xomnium is a robust data streaming eco system. It offers an intuitive operating concept safely and securely.

It is easy to equip an existing video wall with Xomnium. Ask us about the UPGRADE program.

This system requires Microsoft Windows and standard IT hardware and it is easily expandable for future situations.