Video walls

We invite you to involve us at an early stage in the design of your alarm reception center or control room. We have extensive experience and knowledge of video wall possibilities, video wall management systems and solutions for a smart workplace, the smart cockpit.

We do the installation of the video wall with our own team, implement the video wall management system and execute commissioning. We provide training and support.

Aoto - CLD - Commercieel LED-display

We respect user’s requirements and match these with the technical possibilities. Our advice is always transparent and our customers are experiencing this as an important engineering input during the design phase of the control room.

The video wall techniques that we use include:

Based on the design of the desired and required video wall and the mapping of which sources are visualized, we engineer a customized video wall management solution.

As System Integrator we say - we do it together !

In order to realize high quality projects, we work with a select group of manufacturers, suppliers and partners. These parties, like us, strive for high quality, have a flexible way of working and invest in the long-term relationship.

Direct LED

  • Mini LED technology from AOTO, LED manufacturer of the first hour
  • Suitable for 24/7 use with static content
  • Favourable TCO
  • Completely seamless surface
  • High MTBF
  • Lifetime >100.000 hours
  • Low energy consumption and maintenance-free, no rotating parts
  • Front access

LCD Ultra Narrow Bezel

  • Liquid Chrystal Display with LED back light
  • Low investment
  • Narrow seam between the active panels
  • 24/7 but less suitable for long-term static output
  • Easy assembly
  • Special attention to heat dissipation especially with large video walls¬†

DLP Rear Projection

  • Digital Light Processing, developed for 24/7 display of static and dynamic content
  • Extremely stable and proven technology for usage in control rooms
  • LED light machine with service life 130,000 hours
  • Almost ‘seamless’ bezel
  • Also in Slimline available with low installation depth and front service access
  • Maintenance free
  • No heat radiation to the operator(s) – heat dissipation at the back